Los Angeles Audio Show
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We had a great show at the LAAS Show in Los Angeles (June 2-4, 2017). The exceptional performance of the Minuet Grand at the show was widely raved about by the attendees and press. The speaker was awarded the Alfie Award presented by the LAAS.


Here's some of the major audio critics on our Minuet Grand:




The Minuet Grand was considered to be "Another incredibly affordable speaker

is the comparatively tiny Silverline Minuet Grand at two thousand. - Dan





"... I was supremely impressed by the new Silverline Audio Minuet Grand

Monitors ($1,999.-/pair), which were premiering at the Show

......Silverline's energetic Alan Yun Played us a wide variety of tracks off

of CDs that demonstrated the range and capability of the Minuet Grands. The

sound was orderly with a nice bite - surprising for their size ... - Jana

Dagdagan  "




" Silverline demo'ed its new Minuet Grand two-way bookshelf speakers. At

$2,000.-/pair it has a lot of competition in the bookshelf speaker market.

But it sounded beautifully. - Tom Norton"


Los Angeles Audio Show
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Please visit us at:-

Los Angeles Audio Show

Room 362, Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

June 2 – 4, 2017


Please drop by to audition our new product.