Floorstanding Speakers

the bread and butter for a complete soundstage

  • Ode to Love

    ode to love

  • Ode to Joy

    ode to joy

  • Bolero Supreme

    "Beautifully built, the Bolero seems to offer conspicuously good value" - Stereophile

  • Grand Bolero

    an extension of our acclaimed SR17 and Bolero Supreme

  • Grandeur Mk II

    "Imaging was stable, and the soundstage was appropriately wide and deep. One very pleasant characteristic of the Grandeur Mk.IIs was their wide sweet spot." - SoundStage!UltraAudio

  • Prelude

    "any red-blooded American audiophile ought to consider such speakers as Silverline's Preludes for his kid going off to college, or for his wife to listen to in her boudoir, or for himself as reward for doing such a good job taking care of the family for the past year." - Positive Feedback

  • Prelude Plus
  • Sonatina Mk IV

    "Having the latest version of Silverline Audio’s Sonatina in the house has been like visiting with a long-lost friend. They’ve obviously matured, but you still recognize the traits that made you so comfortable with them all those years ago." - SoundStage!Xtreme