Prelude Plus
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Design FeaturePrelude plus

It was nearly a decade ago when we first started to write the specifications for the project that became the Prelude loudspeaker.  It then took 3 years before the the first Preludes were released. Because of their uniquely accuracy and sound qualities, the Preludes immediately became one of the most popular full range mini tower loudspeakers in America.

Building on the accumulation of experiences and technical improvements throughout the last five years, a newly designed Prelude Plus loudspeaker will become a reality in the summer of 2013.  The new Prelude Plus loudspeaker features a charming silhouette that reflects the image of an endless quest for audio excellence. Boldness, innovation,  passion and attention to detail are the qualities that motivate Silverline Audio to create their sometimes extravagant but always musical loudspeaker designs..  

The new Prelude Plus loudspeaker features a soft dome tweeter and four treated paper cone, long throw mini mid/woofers.  The Prelude Plus loudspeakers generate an incredibly big soundstage from their small enclosures.  Sweet highs, warm mids, and fast, tight, powerful bass makes for a sound that is vivid and revealing. The Prelude Plus speaker is highly efficient @92 dB 1 watt/1 meter and is an excellent choice for both low power SET and high current solid state amplifiers. It is designed not only for traditional 2 channel systems but is an excellent choice for multi channel home theater systems too.



Design (Bass Reflex, Rear Ported):

2 way
1 x 1" silk dome tweeter
4 x 3.5" treated paper cone mid/woofer

Frequency Response:

35 - 28,000 Hz

Max. Transient Output:

118 dB

Nominal Impedance:

8 ohms

Crossover Frequency:

3,500 Hz

Recommended Power:

12 -300 watts RMS

Dimension (H x W x D):

40" x 5" x 8"

Shipping Weight:

65 lbs./pair

Speaker Connections:



US $1,999.-/ pair


Real Rosewood Veneer