About Silverline Audio
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Sunday, 06 January 2013 04:35
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Silverline Audio Technology was incorporated in California, USA in 1996. Silverline Audio manufactures high-end, premium quality loudspeakers at affordable, sensible and realistic prices. Our loudspeakers are not made just for great sound, but are intended to be associated with the finer things in life. Our loudspeakers are made for those who are concerned with aesthetics as well as sound.



Silverline offers a new standard to the discriminating audiophile, delivering a level of performance, service, craftsmanship and value that has not been available until now. Every pair of Silverline loudspeakers is slowly and carefully hand crafted. This meticulous approach results in the most linear, time-coherent, distortion-free sonic presentation possible. Silverline speakers are extremely sensitive with high power handling capacity and optimized transient response: specially dedicated to music and movie lovers who will accept no compromises for their music rooms and home theaters.



"If music be the food of love, play on ..." --- William Shakespeare.

Our passion for music --- both live and reproduced --- is the driving force for the production of our high-performance loudspeaker system.



All Silverline Audio products share the following features:

  • Extreme musical accuracy and crystal clarity.
  • Magnificent sound stage and stunning dynamics.
  • Absolute fidelity and generous power handling.
  • Amplifier-friendly; will work well with all solid state and vacuum tube amplifiers of differing power-rating on the market today.
  • Are elegantly designed and superbly built for years of quality audio performance and enjoyment.