Grandeur Mk II
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Design FeaturesGrandeur Mk II - Piano Black

The first Grandeur was presented at the CES1999 and immediately raved by many audio critics and music lovers for both of its aesthetics and innovative designs. In the spring of 2002, the engineers at Silverline started to write the technical specifications for a more compact and precise musical instrument - the Grandeur Mk II. It is the accumulation and extension of the expertise derived from the design team at Silverline. The Grandeur MkII is a modular design. Each module has its tuning devises and synchronized to the best performance. The tweeter and midrange module mounted on a heavily embraced cabinet. A tuning board was meticulously tweaked and placed in between the tweeter/midrange module and the dual-woofer bass module. Each of the woofers has its isolated chamber and tuning devise to eliminate the cross influences among the woofers in the bass module. The bottom pedestal is where the crossover was housed, and it can be filled with sand. The crossover is totally isolated from the other module. Every detail has put into extremely careful attention during the development of this system. Only the finest possible components are to be used, putting the Grandeur MkII to the summit of audio performance.



Design (Bass Reflex):

3 way

Drivers: *

Esotar T-330 D 1.25" soft dome tweeter
Esotec 15W cone mid-range
2x Dynaudio 24W/100 vented double magnet long throw 9.5" woofers

Frequency Response:

20 Hz - 35,000Hz

Sensitivity (2.83V/dB):

93.5 dB

Max. Transient Output:

132 dB

Nominal Impedance:

8 ohms

Crossover Frequency:

2200/3500 Hz

Recommended Power:

10 - 1000 watts RMS

Dimension (H x W x D):

45" x 14" x 19"

Shipping Weight:

180 lbs./each

Speaker Connections:



US $24,000.-/pair



Piano Black
Piano Mountain Grey


* carefully made for Silverline Audio by Dynaudio.
Dynaudio is a trademark of Dynaudio A/S, Skanderborg, Denmark